The Next Day

The next day, Libby had time to get things ready before I got home from work. She had me shave every thing below my eyebrows. I whimpered like a little girl, but I did as I was told. Libby reminded me over and over that this was all my idea to begin with. She was only giving me what I had begged for. She had bought some things for me to wear when Buff came back over.

Libby put my hair in two ponytails, made up my face and dressed me in a little girl dress with ruffled panties and made up my face. I could feel my face blush as she showed me what I looked like in the mirror. Then she had me shave her all smooth, and put her lingerie on, while she teased and taunted me about what her “boyfriend” would be doing to her while I could only watch. When I was done, Libby was in black bra and panties, and sheer black baby-doll top, garter-belts and stockings and heels. She looked like a **** star. I looked like a little girl in kindergarten.

I had to answer the door when Buff got there, His mouth dropped open when he saw me in the short little dress and panties with ruffles, but then he smiled and smirked, obviously warming to his role in humiliating me and being Libby’s lover. Libby welcomed him with another long, wet kiss with her arms thrown around his neck. Her eyes closed, she French kissed him deeply as he felt her up again. I was hard in my sissy panties and I watched helplessly.

When they broke the kiss, Libby had me kneel in front of Buff. Unzip his pants, and then take them off. She kissed him and told him how much she had enjoyed the night before. When she made me pull his briefs down, he was already hard. I moaned hopelessly as Libby told me to kiss it. My face blushed red, but I kissed the head of his fat, blunt **** as Buff snickered at me and Libby giggled. Libby took his **** in her hand and guided it into my mouth. She told me to suck him good and hard for her, and she kept stroking his meat as he swelled in my mouth. It was much bigger than mine, and I gagged on it, until Libby whispered in my ear to relax. I moaned on his meat as my wife gave me instructions on how to blow her “boyfriend”.

Buff finally grabbed my hair and began to **** my mouth just like he did to Libby the night before. Libby moaned and lay back and played with her ***** while she watched Buff **** my face. She just panted, “Oh, baby…oh, baby…” over and over. I gagged on his **** till I remembered what she said about relaxing. When I did, he pounded my mouth even harder and taunted me, “suck it….. Oh yeah, suck it… like that, don’t you little girl?”

Libby groaned and crawled over and took Buff’s **** from my mouth, and told me Buff’s *** was hers and said, “Jack him off in my mouth, Sissy”. She took his fat **** deep and I took it in my hand and started pumping his **** into my pretty wife’s mouth. Buff kept commanding me, “faster….faster, *****” Libby frigged her **** with three fingers while I pumped his **** harder and faster into her wet mouth.

I could hear her ***** making wet noises on her fingers as she whimpered over his ****. Libby was ******* on her fingers when Buff groaned. I felt his **** spasm in my hand as he emptied his nuts in Libby’s mouth. I was so humiliated, but so horny at the same time…I came in my sissy ruffled panties.

Libby grabbed my hair and pulled me to her and kissed me deeply like she did with Buff.
But her mouth was FULL of his ***. I moaned against her mouth as she kept tongue kissing me till I had no choice but to swallow Buff’s ***. Buff was laying back smiling, watching Libby snowball me.

After Libby finished kissing me, she noticed the wet spot on my girlie panties. “ Oh you BAD Girl! Look what she did, baby…….our little girl wet her panties!” I hung my head in shame while Buff just laughed at loud at me. Libby asked him, “what should we do with a bad little girl, baby?”

Buff grinned and said, “I’ll show you!” He got and grabbed me, taking me by surprise and put me over his knee and spanked me like a little girl while Libby laid back, watched, and fingered her ****. Libby came as I finally broke down and sobbed. This only seemed to excite Libby more. “Oh, baby…..oh, baby” she panted at Buff. I could feel Buff’s **** getting hard against me as he wore my *** out. I guess he was getting into the power trip of using my wife and humiliating me. Buff pushed me off his lap onto the floor and Libby started plead for Buff’s **** “ I want you in me, baby….please…PLEASE, Darlin’ I want that big sweet **** in meeeeeeee….”

Buff stood over her and proclaimed, “ I want that fat *** of yours” Libby’s mouth dropped open and she stammered, “You want my cherry fanny?” Buff’s eyebrows rose as he said, “CHERRY?”. Libby just nodded yes. He looked over at me, and just laughed and said, “I should have known……you ARE a little girl, *****”.

Libby made me put a condom on Buff’s hard ****. My face was so hot while I put in on him and he taunted me about “taking what I never had/” Libby got on the edge of the bed with her plump *** facing me, and looked back over her shoulder at me and said,” come here, sissy-girl….I want you to pull down your wet little panties and jerk off on my fanny while my boyfriend watches.”

I was shocked, but I meekly did as she asked. When I was behind her, she told me,” you’re not allowed to touch me, just *** on my ***…and you have to suck you thumb while you do it.” I moaned and Buff laughed, and said I should have to suck my thumb the whole time I watched. When Libby agreed I whimpered, put my thumb in my mouth, started stroking my ****. Libby begged Buff to kiss her while I pumped my **** aim at my wife’s pretty ***. They kissed long and hard and wet, just like always, and it didn’t take me long to get hard watching and listening to them. I finally shot my load all over Libby butt.

At this point, Libby broke the kiss with Buff and turned around facing me. White Buff got into position behind Libby, She told me, “That’s a good girl……how does that feel?….knowing that my boyfriend is gonna take what you’ve never had…..and knowing that he’s using YOUR *** to lube me up for him…….He’ll be tearing up my tight little hole, and since you’re already SPENT, all you can do is suck your thumb and watch….poor baby girl…….”

. Libby had NEVER talked to me like that, and it WAS so humiliating to think about my *** lubing his **** in her tail…and me in wet baby-panties sucking my thumb…. I was so shocked, I almost started sobbing again, but Buff was worming his meat into her fanny and Libby was the one whimpering now.

“Oh, baby….oh, GOD…’s so…so….BIG….so big in me…please….please……..
baby,…BABYYYYYYY….OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH,,, BUFF……..” He started pumping his big **** into her tight little hole. Her eyes glistened with tears as she looked into my eyes. “I’m sorry sissy….oh god he’s so BIG…..Buff ***** me like I’ve always wanted to be ******……and he made you a little GIRL right in front of me!…….that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen……I’ve never been so horny…..kiss me, sissy…kiss me while…oh, god…..oh, god……oh,,, fuckkkkkkkk…” I quickly moved to her and kissed her while Buff pounded her poor ***.

Libby reached back and fingered her **** while Buff pounded her tail. I kept kissing her, thinking she’d make me stop at any second, but she didn’t. But Buff began spanking her while he pistoned in and out of her. Spanking her HARD. Libby squealed into my mouth every time he smacked her ***. He was really getting off on all of it, “BOTH of my ******* kissing….oh, yeah…..that’s some sweet *** you got, Libby….all mine now….”

Libby broke the kiss, tears spilling down her face, blubbering, “my fanny…oh god…my fanny…. you’re so big in me…..I’ve never felt so FULL….oh my god….I’m….I’m….I’m CCCCCCCCCUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMINNNNNNNNGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” She quivered and thrashed and just bawled like a baby, easily having the ****** of her life as she sobbed. Buff groaned slammed his **** as deep in her as he could and held her poor *** tight to him as he shouted,” OH **** YOU’RE ONE SWEE PIECE OF ***……Like watching her *** while I ******** her, *****?……TAKE ALL MY *** LIBBY!” I shot another load of *** in to my panties as Libby sobbed and moaned and Buff shot every drop of his seed into her. They both collapsed on the bed, and I watched them kiss and caress each other, till Libby fell asleep, and Buff got up and smirked at me while he dressed and left. I crawled into bed with Libby, still in my sopping wet little girl panties, and held Libby till I fell asleep too.
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Apr 23, 2012