Watching Wife With Her Lover

its been awhile since wifes lover has been over so i called him yesterday and he came over last night to have a few drinks with us. we have a big pool out back so we all got our drinks and got in pool I love it when he comes over cause its like the wife dont want nothing to do with me, well not until her lover gets off I love it!!

so were in the pool they are real close to each other kissing real slow hands under the water very exciting :) so i went over to them to get a better view her hand was stroking his big **** his hand between her legs. she was hot!!! they kept going at it. so they stopped here and there and would do it again. then it got kinda dark out and they got out of pool and sat on the deck was kissing again, then she said she has to go in to the bathroom so me and him was just drinking and talking, then he got a text message then he just gets up and goes inside. so i stayed outside thinking ok they will be back, well the wife told me this morning that she sent him a text saying come ******* me now!!! so i am still sitting out there thinking ok they should be coming out soon. cause we wasnt in the pool for that long.

then i seen the bedroom light come on so i waited for a little longer then i went inside i could hear the bed moving then i got hard as a rock... so i went back there she was on top riding him hard!!!!! his hands all over her t i t s just going at it. he never made it to being on top. she wanted to ride him for hours!!! and she did well maybe hour or so. it was great so i walked out of the room cause sometimes i just like to hear them *******...

so then i go back in there to watch more she is still riding him she was going real slow he was sucking on her t i t s then they would kiss i was so close to getting off so i went to the edge of bed and put her hand on me she started jacking me off and i went all over her hand it felt so damn good.... so they kept going at it i walked out of room to the living room just sitting in chair listening to them ******* about 30 min. later they both got off it was great to hear that such a turn on.....I am ready to watch again :)
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