Girl I Work With

We used to flirt all the time. Long story short, we were working late one night. She always wore lowcut tops that drove me NUTs! I went to her office to tell her that if she didnt put on a sweater that i would cover her face and cleavage with my ***! She stopped and looked at me for a sec then i pulled out my semi hard ****. She reached out and grabbed it. "damn that looks nice" she stared to suck on it. I love slurping sounds when she is trying to get my **** wet with spit. And her nice full DSL's wrapped around my thick shaft almost put me over the edge. She sucked for about ten mins. I pulled my **** out of her mouth and kissed her deep while i pulled her **** out of her shirt. She looked me in the eyes and said her husband would love to watch her **** and suck a **** like mine. Then she called im on her cell phone. Watching her suck my fat hog and talk to her hubby about it was amazing! He's twice your size dear...i like it alot! She was sucking and stroking and giving him the play by play. She hung up the phone and told me to follow her to her house so he can watch. She put her **** back in her shirt and didnt bother to wipe off the spit that had fallen there. She had left a good amount of lipstick on my shaft witch is ******* HOT! We get to her house, he meets us at the door. As soon as we both are in she drops to her knees and pulls out my ****. Of course im not hard but she puts my **** on her face and works my balls. Im watching this guy loving his wife act like a total **** in front of him. we move to the living room were she takes off her shirt bra and pants leaving only her thong. I get naked. I dont care at this point she is getting my ******* **** every were i can get it and he is gonna watch me make his wife my ****. While he is getting undressed i walk over to her and grab her by the hair and push her to her knees and tell her to open he mouth. I push my rock hard **** into her mouth and make her gag on it. After a few mins I tell her to get on her hands and knees and put her *** in the air for me. I make her face him so he can see her face as I **** her. I move the thong to the side and just put the head of my **** into her. I looked at him and asked if her really wanted this.
"**** her"
I proceeded to pound the hell outta her. Pulling her hair and spanking her ***. My full balls hitting her ****. Id pull her hair and tell her to *** for me. She let out a screem and I could feel her body shaking as she creamed on my ****. Huddy sat there stroking his little ****. She started talking **** to him about how much bigger I am, how she loves being filled up. I pulled out and made her suck her ***** juice off my ****. I looked at him and told him im gonna fill your wifes ***** with my seed. She moaned at the idea. She lay on her back and put her legs over my shoulders so i could get as deep as i could. She was screeming half in pain half in pleasure as i ****** her so hard and deep. I finally unloaded deep inside her. thrust nice and hard and pumped her ***** full of my load. I pulled out and she kept her legs open so he could see my seed dripping out of his wifes *****. She asked if he wanted a lick. He started eating it. I told her to straddle his face. I was still hard and not done with her yet. she sat on his face while she sucked my **** until i covered her face.
Since that night she has always called herself my *** ****
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Dec 3, 2012