Oh How I Watch Her

I have watched my wife suck a guys **** at an Italian restaurant. I have watched her pick up a guy in a bar. I have watched in the rear mirror and with quick glances her doing a really noisy 69 with a guy as I drove our suv along a highway, I have watched her be face ******, I have seen her bent over a chair whilst her lover bangs her from behind, She has presented me with every type of sexual entertainment that I might desire, and is always willing to discuss the possibility of taking it further. But nothing is stronger than the bitter sweet pain of the wait.



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10 Responses Feb 18, 2010

Yes, that is the perfect desc<x>ription of having a shared Hotwife!

"Anticipation" you got that right, more of it will keep the lifestyle more exciting and makes the heart beat harder like mine does!.....Your a smarty Rayreef!!!!!

very lucky man. to know the pleasure and excitement of your wife ******* another man. priceless

Looks like she has done it all, what else is there!...........thanks for the story some of it sounds like my wife!

Hey blackduck, the vision you just brought to mind in your comment gave me an overwhelming sense of how comfortable your pleasure group must be. Thank you for your comment. LOL

Can't argue with your last thought! Bill in Va.

Hi Bill in Va,<br />
She has yet to give me another mans ********. She says she has no desire to be with a woman, knowing that I do have a fanatasy of her with another woman. I am not complaining though, she is the greatest thing in my life.

So tell us what is left that she hasn't enjoyed? Bill in Va.

Oh yes! I want to experience the wait.

My feelings exactly. Matter of fact, whatever I didn't see, my wife was sure to fill me in with all the obscene details and very descriptive too I might add..