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We both have our views on this if losing you is having you then what am I to do. Rescue me. I've been saving me from this pity party you've been throwing so encounter me. It's sad to see what you make to be a love story. I know you'll continue anyway but this was my attempt to stop it. In hopes that you find what your looking for carry on with these childish games. Please don't drag me with you I beg to be excused.

That you are.
For I am no longer the same.
Without all of you.
What are we to be.
Without all of me.
I am no longer the same.
But you are.

I stuffed my face with you when we kissed.
I suffocated myself with who you were.
I no longer remeber your words.
I can't feel what you felt.
I am at zero care for you.
I don't hear from you.
I consider this near to you.
I fear not losing you but what we had.
I build it up and watch it smash.
I tear a page on you.
I share emotions from long ago.
I long to go.
I still stare at you.
I know not who you are.
I want to wander with you.
I sit under the stars to be with you.
I no longer see you.
I know its dark.
I know your heart.
I knew you'd break it apart.
I just don't want this for you.
I long for you.
I have watched you stumble.
I heard you mumble.
I can't fix your heart.
I can only watch you pick up the parts.
I can be your light.
I can be your night.
I am out of sight.
22-25, M
Sep 4, 2012