Violent Silenced

This is just the same thing over and over again. I can't stand to read you so I write you something that looks new. It was over a long time ago a very long time ago it was like it didn't happen. Yet we were there in each others air and in each others ear we would swear.. . Forevers along time. It's as if I hear you near knowing your nowhere. I prepared this when we talked while we walked hand in hand I felt you run off. Silence was the victim. Years later our lives are opposite attracting us into the arms of can't resist. I revisit what I'm left with thoughts of your portrait on your fortress. Finding another to recover you was leaving while I still had the chance. Your silence was victimising.

I called while caring for you seemed unfair to me. It was hurting me to be with you.
Had we not carried on like everything was fine everything would be fine.
This all happened when you were mine.
22-25, M
Sep 10, 2012