....and Here They Are!

pblastzzt (say:" puh-blast-zteh" - one syllable) and qfragz (say: kew-frags - two syllables)

first is when you fart with a vengence and the second is when you find your self falling to pieces internally; these are the pieces.

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2 Responses Mar 27, 2009

After arduous contemplation I emerged with three new words:<br />
<br />
Feluckled - Fe-luck-led: to be addicted to gambling.<br />
<br />
Lawyrsarshat - Law-yer-sar-shat: To be a greedy liar with honest intent.<br />
<br />
Emofecker - E-mo-fec-ker: To be excited while showing sadness.

I often use the term "Vomituous." People tell me it isn't real. It is in my vocabulary though.