Just Met Him In His Home Country

My father never knew about me. My mother conceived me in England when she was studying abroad. I knew nothing about him until my mother died, and then I tracked him down and contacted him. He paid to fly me to England for a paternity test. So I got in at midnight, and when I walked out to the baggage claim and there was an Asian guy holding a sign that had my last name on it. He said that my Niles was on call and had to go into the hospital (he's a doctor). I was very disappointed. I had gotten all wound up for nothing. The Asian guy, Benji, was another doctor and a friend, and he was going to take me to my father's house. On the way over, which took several hours, Niles called Benji and he told me that he was off work and waiting at his house for us.

When I arrived he greeted us at the door. He was tall, maybe 6 foot, in his late 50s, with grey hair and on top of his head he had the same mousy brown color as my natural hair color. He moved in to hug me but caught himself and settled on a handshake. His house was a two story red brick house and it was so nice inside, I almost started to panic. I don't think I've ever been anywhere so nice. He introduced me to his fiancee Ellen- she doesn't like me. I think everyone was a little taken aback by the tattoos and the bright red hair. Niles asked me about my mother, I shared photos of her and me growing up. He told me he was about 35 and he was an up and coming surgeon visiting London for his brother's bachelor party when he met my mother. He asked me about her, asked about me, told me a little about himself. His fiancee Ellen also made it perfectly clear that they have no reason to believe me until we get the results of a paternity test.

We went to his hospital where he works to get the paternity test last Wednesday. The results should be in on Friday. In the meantime I'm staying in his guest room. Ellen doesn't seem to like me at all. She doesn't trust me. When Niles isn't around her he seems okay with me. He's been very accommodating, and asks me a lot about myself. He's very cultured, very intelligent, very British. I grew up butt poor with no culture in the boonies of Montana. He's even asked me about my tattoos, which led to very interesting conversation. He told me that if the paternity test comes back positive that he wants me to live in England so that we could build that relationship that we've missed out on. I don't know how I feel about that. Should I move to another country to have a father?
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So, what did you decide? I'm currently fighting to have paternity of my infant son. His mother is not a very good person and is hiding and it is conceivable that I won't get to know my son until he is much older. I wonder what he would think.