I just moved a few months ago to SC. I hate it here. I loved living in my old state. Amazing boyfriend,(still have him). Great friends, great school, beautiful weather, I had it all. Here I don't have that. I hate my school, I don't have very many friends, it's freezing, and my depression has come back. I text my old friends all the time, every day, but eventually we are going to run out of things to say. You can't keep a conversation forever. I'm moving back in a little over a year but I just hope I have them still as my friends. They don't get bored of just texting and skyping all the time. My boyfriend is there too and moving away from him is the hardest thing in the world. I just wish I could move back. Everything was perfect.
Amydenson1 Amydenson1
18-21, F
Mar 26, 2014