Genuine Friend(s) Only Looking For The Same!

I have a lot to share, talk about. Mostly, a lot to learn. i hope to find someone I can trust, I hope we can be friends. It's quite complicated, and while I realize I haven't disclosed much, I desperately need a good friend I can talk to and who I can also trust in. Someone who won't hurt me. At the same time, I hope to offer a great friend the same! No judgement, someone to listen to you as we'll. No matter the subject, I hope to find a genuine friend here! Please only those serious reply. Please......
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I would like to find a genuine good friend to
People seem so false these days Even my own family seem to all have agendas
So feed up of putting in and not getting out
I Think all relationships should hold something for both parties not be one sided
What do you think

I know exactly what you mean. I need a friend too. Well I'm a good listener and I'm honest so do you think we could be friends? I feel like everyone I know is using me so a good friend would be nice right about now.

What qualities do you think a good friend needs to have