I Need A Very Discreet Lady For Secret Sex Sessions.

Im married and although I have sex with my wife and wouldnt leave her for anything I'm very frustrated sexually ...... As I'm maturing I seem to have sex on my mind more and more and want it all the time.
We all have our fantasy's of wild sex and finding someone you dont know and just meeting them for sex but mine seems to be an obsession and I crave it. I want a local (ish) woman I can meet fairly regularly when its safe and when it suits both of us to have that animal sex ... that oral sex, the pawing and mauling of each others bodies that we call foreplay, the exploring of each others bodies with tongues as well as fingers and the satisfaction from that raw animal sex that you can only get from someone your not supposed to be getting it from :) ..... how wonderful ... if we could only find that person who is probably living nearly next door to us we would all be happy  .... until then I'll just keep ************ when I'm feeling horny for something new (and ******* my wife lol)
I'm still frustrated .... theladylicker1@yahoo.co.uk   xxx
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1 Response May 19, 2010

Well, well, well,......mind you: I normally use this previous word only once and that often is to much of the good already, but here.... ; well, well, well...) 4 times doesn't just seem right. Well, well, well, <br />
OK I catch your drift, or must I say "lust"? Would like to give an open, honest and serious (adding this seems necessary somehow :) ) answer, but... are you still around? I'll wait and see.<br />