My Dream !

k.. a week into my relashtionship with my current boyfriend i had this dream.. everyone dumped thier cars in this ditch and got tickets to get them after winter... my boyfriend in the dream was a ex boyfriend, after winter me and this ex boyfriend went to get our vehicles and he lost his tickets, got mad, and left. i got mine and before i left, and man who i am currently dating stopped me, he was taking the tickets and giving the keys to people.. he grabbed me .. we talked for wat seemed like forever and very intense conversation.. but my view was just watching.. i could not hear.. and cousin was there randomly and told me he better be at every family event.. i dated this boy when i was 13 too.. i had this dream then to.. and it was exacly and the same.. but the cool part my car was a bench that goes side ways haha,,, honestly.. wat does this mean?!

dDEEsee dDEEsee
Mar 10, 2010