I don't know what to do anymore.

Last July I started talking to some guy.
And we started going out in august. Things weren't that serious but we still dated. We broke it off bc we just weren't happy and he wound up dating his ex again. While it stayed single. Guys tried talking to me and I had a plentiful amount of guy friends.
And the one named "mark" so say. Fell for me.. And I just didn't feel that way.. And my ex from before talked to me again and I really felt something again more then before. So I told my best friend "mark" in hopes he would understand and lost his friendship. So in November me and my ex went back out and things have been so much more serious and it's been completely different.

We have fought over "mark" a couple times bc of things said or heard.

But about this June I started talking to "mark" again, in hopes for our friendship back. And he was there for me when I had a rough patch with my boyfriend. But not once did I develop feelings when I havnt in the first place.

Now something came up tonight and "mark" texted my boyfriend saying I told him I liked him in June. When I never said such a thing. That's considered cheating and being unloyal and that's something I would never do. I had no feelings for him. I just was in search for that friendship and he was there for me. That's all I appreciated. And I told my boyfriend that he should trust me.. But I can believe how it's so easy to believe the bad things over the good.. And now we aren't talking.. I'm not sure what to

I just want help with what I should do.
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I understand you're in a difficult and unfair position. You should talk to mark, tell him to stop and then have a talk with your bf, tell him how things are and ask who he believes more, his girlfriend or a guy who got a crush on you.
It'll make things rather clear.

Well you have to understand... Mark is in a horrible position. To see your crush just go out with someone else and to see it be successful is terrible. Having to live through life knowing you can't have someone is a horrible thing to experience. I think you need to tell mark that you are sorry because of your lack of "feelings" for him but just because you guys aren't dating doesn't mean you don't want him in his life. He needs to know things. He probably asks himself "does she even need me? Want me around? Why doesn't she like me? He portably beats himself over about it and you need to tell him it's ok to be frustrated but he needs to understand that right now you don't like him that way.

I've tried so many times! And we don't talk anymore I've blocked him from everything. He's even talking to other people and he was fighting with my cousin on social media tonight so I stuck up for my cousin so "mark" texted my boyfriend.

He's in an awkward position. I know what he's experiencing. He needs closure... He is just trying everything just to get a word out of you. If u ask me that takes balls and he really has to like you to go to that extreme

But I don't like him :/ I don't want him.. I just want to continue on with my life as if he wasn't a part of it