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Need A Female Friend To Talk To

Hi. I am a very lonely person. I just need a female friend to talk. People always say i am a boring person .I dont knw whats wrong with me....i am upset...please be my friend ?
knightangels knightangels 18-21, M 10 Responses Apr 18, 2012

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Hi I am here if you would like to talk

I'm a female and I totally understand what you mean. I'll be your friend!

is it hard to talk to some one cos i find it is. xx

Hi im looking for a nice female to chat with are u her?

hi archie you can always talk to me if you want.. im a very lonely person too <br />
lizzie x

thanks...i wud surely lyk to talk to u...

Im Also a female and im open to any conversation to help you out with your problems as long as your willing to help me with mine

i will help you ofcourse....

just add me....ur profile is i cant add u...

well ur profile is block to me....u better add me then...

Well, Imma female. And I'm open to anything you might say. Nothing surprises me. ^-^

ok...lets talk...thanks

ur profile is can i add u ?

I can add you, and I thought I unblocked it. :c

Aw i feel sorry for you, i cant imagine what your going through. You seem soo sweet. Btw ill be your friend :)

really ??...thats so sweeet of you...thanks...i wanna chat with you ??

Can i add you ? :)

yah ...y not...i am waiting

I did anyway lol :)

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You got me as a friend.

i'll be your friend ^_^ message me anytime

While I was reading your story I fell for you I will be happy to be friends with you all you have to do id friend me and message me so we can talk and get to know each other I love helping people and if I can help you all the better I"ll be waiting

thank u....i am adding u ...tell me when u r online

i have never seen u online till now...send me ur id here again or in chat messenger ?