When Enough Is Really Enough?

How do you really know when enough is enough? I hit many moments in my life that I have hit the point to say it is enough. I was raised in a drug addict family. I digged through dumpsters as a kid and slept in peoples basements and broken down vehicles. I was finally sold to my father, (yes I do mean sold.. my mother sold me and my sister to our father for $20 for drugs). Just to leave in a home with a drunk and abuser. Although My father did get me off the streets and did provide us for a home, but still not until I was 16 did I choose enough is enough. I ran away, I got placed in foster care and I straighten my own life out. Now I feel like it is not where I want it to be... I am in a relationship with someone and we were engaged to be married. We postponed it, He tells me I love you but i dont know if I want it anymore. Mind you, my son is not his and I work full time at night so he watchs my son while I work. That is more like a couple of hours a day because I have a babysitter till he picks him up. I hear that he wishes I would lose weight, that my face is beautiful but he wishes i would work on losing weight. He is always picking fights. When is enough really enough? I became so fed up with my relationship that I am not sure if it is worth it anymore. When is enough, enough?
Jtoons Jtoons
22-25, F
2 Responses May 9, 2012

Dear Jtoons, enough is enough when you say so, and I hear you loud and clear saying Enough! You have survived so much abuse and trauma, you must be a very strong woman, or you would not be here today, do not let this man destroy all the self esteem and courage that you have built for yourself,
You are a miracle woman, and what ever you need to do,you can do, to protect yourself and your son, do not let him go through the kinds of childhood that you had,
This man only uses you to tear you down and humiliate you, which is an indication that he could get much worse, especially with your son.
Get out whatever you have to do, and resume your determination to be a loving mother and a true survivor, this man will take that away from you if you allow him! Run now!

When you decide that it's enough.<br />
When you decide that you want more.<br />
When you decide that you deserve more.<br />
When you choose to go out there and get what you deserve.<br />
Nothing will ever get in your way, nothing will ever slow you down, nothing will ever stop you from having everything you want.<br />
You can have and do anything. You know that already. You learned through your life's experiences that you can get through anything, you are strong, you are powerful and you are beautiful just as you are. That's why you don't believe him. You don't believe you should lose weight, you don't believe him that you aren't good enough, you know you are perfect just as you are. <br />
You already know...it's enough. You decided that already. And you know that if you want something, you have to go out there and get it. So go and get it. <br />
PS, you're fantastic. It's been a privilege to read and comment on your story. You're inspiring, so keep be inspired! Your son is one lucky boy to have a mom like you. Continue to teach him that self love, self respect and compassion towards others will always be its own reward. You're truly wonderful I hope you are so very proud of yourself, you really should be. It's always a blessing to meet people like you, an inspiration really. Thank you for reminding me just how many wonderful strong beautiful people there are in the world. :)

Thank you, your message really picked me up, I might be strong but sometimes you need to hear you can do it.. So once again Thank you!