I Don't Even Know Anymore...

I had an amazing boyfriend, we made a huge mistake and now my family hates him. My best friend (next to aforementioned ex) died in February. I have lost all of my friends. My grades are plummeting. And now, my ex who still acts like my boyfriend lost 2 people in 2 weeks. One was murdered and the other was in a fatal car wreck. He wants to die. Given we've both been depressed and suicidal for 8 months now, it continuously gets worse. My family still won't allow us to see each other or anything. Everyday is one more closer to him killing himself. If he dies, I'm going too. My family doesn't realize this. I feel like a visitor in my own home. I really just need someone to listen and not judge me. I can't talk to anyone at school because the staff members report back to my mom on every little thing I do. Please help....
Sillygirl14 Sillygirl14
4 Responses May 10, 2012

If you still want to talk I'd like to listen and help if I can.

I too can always talk to you! And I will never judge you , just listen to you and try to help you

Im also having alot of proplems and im pretty much depressed and i dont know how far i can still survive..we can talk if you want,just add me and i will always be here to listen to you.. and i never judge anyone...

Your privacy restrictions prevent me from adding you..

Ouch soory!, try now

would lve to hear whats on your heart and mind,,,