Dont Cry Ladies

i had been with my partner for 2 years and she accepted my son as her own. about 7 mnths ago i was walking home from a bar which i have been going to and walking to for years. but on this night i felt watched i called my gf and she told me to go back but i was closer to home. i was attacked and raped. she blamed me and broke up with me. as a result of the rape im currently expecting a little girl in august. its hard for me to not blame myself let alone find love. omg is there anyone who can love me?
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6 Responses May 12, 2012

So sorry for what happened. Your gf blaming you and leaving isn't your fault. She wasn't a good enough person for you. Best wishes

It's not your fault; however you shouldn't be alone at night especially coming from a bar. Did they get the person? Sorry you are going through this. Yes there are many people that will love you still. Move on from the experience and love your new baby.

Hi just pray and have faith in God and he will give you someone who will truly love you for who you are do that and you will find love and happiness

Take care of the baby sweety...I believed that if someone really loved you he/she will accept everything about you..It's not your fault that you are raped and worst of all you didnt asked to be raped!!Your partner have a brain damage i think...blaming you for something that you dont want to be done to you..Youre the need more love and support than anyone else right now..let her go..focus on your children come and go but children are given to us by matter what are the circumstances...they are need to be loved and protected..they are your blood and nobody can change that

there is no way you are to blame, no way at all. no body ever has the right to rape and attack someone, even if you walked home 'dangerously', dont ever blame yourself ever for something like this; you are the least in the wrong.

i'm here for u just to be ur friend ok? look ur not to be blamed. it wasn't ur problem. don't blem urself for what happend. my advise to u is if it is possible change ur location an start a new life. it will help ur kids if it is possible ok?