Why Mw?

I have two girls.  One is 26 yrs. old & the other one is 9 yrs. old.  They both have the same father but the oldest one was born in wedlock & the youngest one wasn't.  We were married for 8 yrs. & the got divorced inhy 1992. We had our own lives.  The house was in my name only, I worked & took care of our first born alone.  I made sure her holidays weren't different because he wasn't there.  We ended up getting back together again.  I got pregnant several times after that but they all ended in miscarriages.  We ended up leaving the first home  he purchased a home without my name on it.  We still didn't get remarried then.  After living w/him for almost ten years, Adrianna was born. I was working at the time & knew I was having a child w/Down Syndrome. To make a long story short, I had to file a PFA on him, he was evicted from his own house & started to have all the utilities shut off.  I'm now staying w/my oldest daughter while I wait for public housing for me & Adrianna.  Adrianna is now 9 yrs. old, non-verbal, she wears yidbraces to help her walk & she has other medical issues.  He asked the court to lower his child support because he has too many bills toy pay!  He's staying w/his mom & I don't believe he's paying what he told the courts he was paying, since they didn't ask for any proof.  I'm appealing this decision.  I gave up working to home school our daughter & to help her w/her special needs.  He has not acknowledge her in any way since Nov. of 2011.  Why is he behaving this way, & getting off scout frree?  Any suggestions, out there?
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May 24, 2012