15 Minutes Can Cause So Much Heartache...

What a start to a morning. :( I am a case manager at an independent case management company. We do case management for the mentally disabled. It is quite a rewarding job. I love my clients as if they were my own children. Today, I had a very important training to go to about an hour away. Last night, I prepared my clothing, made sure I had the gas to meet the ladies I was riding with, and even told my boyfriend to make sure that I was awake in time. It was scheduled that I would meet them at 7:30am about 20minutes from my home whichwas their office.
I awoke at 630 and started to get ready. I was completly ready to go by 6:50 which would have given me plenty of time to meet them. I walk out to the Jeep to leave and notice that my tirein sitting on the rim. Again. No problem I thought. I have plenty of time to air it with the air compressor. I plug in the air compressor, wait a few minutes and then try and air it up. To no avail. I go back in my house, wake my boyfriend, who is very grumpy at me for waking him, and get him to check it out. Needless to say by the time I leave the house it is 715.
On the way I manage to get stuck behind 2 school busses, road work, and then some slow driver that seems to be drunk. Lovely. I make it to the office at 745 and no one is there. Great. My cell phone isnt working so I go to the office next door and use their phone. When I get ahold of one of the ladies she tells me that she is 10 minutes away and to meet her there. I jump in my Jeep, do70 to make it. I makeit there in 15 minutes, again, traffic, and no one is there. I call her again. She says to just meet them at the meeting an hour away. I call my executive director and explain the situation to her. She is highly upset with me. I do not have the gas to travel that far. :( My director had to cancel her meeting to go and flew to the meeting.
As of right now, I am sitting in my office, writing this, praying that I am not fired as my income isthe only income that we have. My boss has missed a very important meeting in order to go to the one that I missed.
I know that somehow this is all my fault. I just hope that I can keep the same good relationship with my director and the other company.
I find it amazing that 15 minutes can cause so much heartache.
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sorry you have no idea of the numbers of times case workers here fail to show up at meeting they set up</p><p>i love taking care of the 2 that live with me now and for the last 20 years i just hate what the system has become</p>

I hated not being there but at least one of us were there. The training was a very important one. I try and always be at my appointments which is why I am so very upset.

i know we take training on line and we had a conferance class last month that had to cancel as the system was not working and it was a 3 hour credit class

There is so much within case management that there are not enough hours in the day. I love my job so very much and I love my clients. Each one of them are wonderful.

yes there are and the case load sucks anymore with all the cut backs many case workers here have a case load of over 100 we see a case worker about every 3 months as there as so many others to deal with with other issues the medical get pushed off to the side it seems

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