My Bestfriend

I once found out that my best-friend had smoke. Right in front of me he was offered the substance and he took it. I was shocked! I had went home and cried. It bothered for so many days. I tell him all the time about being positive and stuff. I also told him that I don't like people who smoke. Like a month later after he noticed that it was still bothering he Told me ( like a promise ) " I'm not going to smoke anymore." I was relieve and hugged him. But He is talking to this new girl and went to hang out with her. She said that they smoked pot and got high. I'm shaking right now and getting ready to cry. I've lost so many people close to me because of smoking. I just wish he would understand how I feel about him smoking. It always hurts my feelings. I just want to know how I can get him to understand how serious it is. :'C
vulvoo21 vulvoo21
18-21, M
Nov 26, 2012