My mother is insane. She was diagnosed with munchausen syndrome by proxy when I was 7 years old which resulted in the loss of custody of my little sister. She has always pushed me to be like her, taking me out to karaoke bars and carnivals to win my affection. However, she also tries to run my life. I am now 24 and still dealing with this. I believe her to be narcissistic. Nothing I do seems to impress her. I am in a bad situation right now and I feel stuck. I left my husband due to abuse. We had 3 children together. When I decided that enough was enough I contacted my mom for help. Since I was at the time in WV and her in FL she agreed to come get the kids before I made my move so that they would not be in harms way. She did as she said she would and I successfully ended my abusive relationship. When I would talk to my mom over the phone she never offered to help me get to FL but refused to bring my children back. She constantly accused me of being a drug addict and partying when in reality I had no home, was working full time and trying to keep myself fed and gas in my car. She seemed almost unconcerned with the fact that I was struggling to get to FL. My father eventually got in contact with me and drove to WV, filled my gas tank, and had me follow him back to FL. Once again I am struggling. I'm living out of a hotel while my mother cares for my kids. I have good opportunities to get my old job back in WV and own a house with my fiance. My mother wont hear it. She controls everything. How I raise my children, where I live, how I live. She threatens me constantly with my children and I have even found proof that she was trying to gain custody of my children while I was struggling in WV by saying that I had abandoned them. She has anonymously called dcf on me and will not admit it and I believe she is trying to brainwash my kids to think they are going to live with her. She never gives me more than $5 for gas because she knows that keeps me from going anywhere unless she wants me to. I only get to see my kids on days she needs me to watch them or I can come up with gas money to get to her house. She tells me that I cannot leave this area or she will not let me have my children. I cannot deal with this any longer. I need to do what is right for my family but she is trying to prevent me from doing that. How can I get my children and get away from her?
confusedkitten210 confusedkitten210
Nov 30, 2012