I Don't Know What To Do

ok i am in a bit a situation, i dated this girl for about a year , she fell madly in love with me, i can't say the same in-fact i can't stand her. Now we broke up last February and were on and off for a few months, but i kinda knew things weren't going to work out but i was willing to give it try. now fast forward a few months we havn't spoken in a while and she calls me and tell me she is pregnant and that it is mine. not to sound like a douche but we had spoke of what we would do if this were to happened and she said she would take care of the situation by abortion( sorry to offend anyone) but then she goes back on her word and decided to keep it , which up set me quite a bit but never the less i am willing to take care of the child but i don't want to be a part of her life, just the child's. now she is almost done with the pregnancy and i feel kinda obligated to talk to her and help her through the pregnancy even thought i don't want to be with her. we have fought thought the entire pregnancy so far, and i am up to my wits end where i don't ever care what she names him what the last name is and what she does, all i want to be is involved in the child's life. she is on some bullshit like either your with me ( as in a relationship) or i don't need to contact her at all and if i want to see the baby ill have to go through her parents in order to see the child, the thing is , she is unreasonable , i don't like her personality she annoys me and she fights with me all the time, i don't know what to do please help i just need some advice on what other people think , i already know i am not going to be with her but i want to be in the child's life
jbriggs6523 jbriggs6523
Dec 8, 2012