A Bad Week

Its been a few weeks since I've signed on here, been busy, had a lot of stuff going on. things are getting better, but i made a mistake the other day.
My boyfriend came over after not being able to see him for 5 weeks, he came over and we started talking and talking and then before i knew it we were fighting, we both had a bad day at the moment and it just all the stress. i left for a moment and went into my bathroom, grabbed a blade and walked back into my room and started cutting infront of him. he freaked out and took the blade away and we started yelling at each other. i sat down in the corner of my room while he sat on my bed. i realized he was cutting himself with my blade so i took it away from him and sat next to him and we started trying to work everything out. although now i feel like his cuts were my fault, we did manage to fix things. and if anyone has heard about the shooting in that kinder garden, my beautiful, baby cousin was there, luckily shes okay, hurt really badly though, but shes fine, thank god. to hear about that also ruined my day. someone, anyone, i just need a person to talk to. please.
jstneed2tlk jstneed2tlk
13-15, F
Dec 15, 2012