This Is Me, A Little About Me

there are many ways to describe me. most arent what id like them to be but i have to live with who i am. first lets just get this out of the way, im a lesbian and im also gender queer. if you dont like it get over it. im emotionally unstable, i cant control my emotions, im suicidal, i cut, i push people away and i dont even realize it. in case you actually wanted to know i first cut when i was 8 yes 8 years old i couldnt take the hate anymore so i found a way to feel numb, ive been addicted ever since. im getting a little better now slowly getting better. i love music its my life. im into rock, metal, screamo, emo, punk, that type of music. Black Veil Brides is my favorite band they saved my life, thats a story for another time though. i have an amazing girlfriend of 3 months. i love her and i dont care what you say about it being too young to know what love is or its too soon to know if you love her. i know i love her and thats all i care about. well thats all for now until next time. stay beautiful, be yourself, listen to your music too loud and love yourself.
RebelOutcast RebelOutcast
Jan 10, 2013