Giving Up

I feel like I can't fight anymore. I've been fighting my depression everyday but today was just the final day. I feel alone. I feel like all this time I was alone, all this time I was battling my depression just to keep my life but today I give up.
I've heard that I'm a strong person and that I can get through this, but I feel so weak, I feel so empty. I just don't know what to do anymore.

Can anyone talk. Please. I can't handle this alone anymore.
jstneed2tlk jstneed2tlk
13-15, F
3 Responses Jan 11, 2013

hi there.. you are never alone just remember that! you need to just keep your head up what ever the reason behind your depression.. you are strong!!! always have faith and always pray.. i know how you feel i have also been dealing with depression for many years but by having someone to connect with is the best way to get through it. but your never alone hun. when you feel like like if kicking you in the butt just think of how theres someone else out there that has it much worse.. and by reaching out is the best way to help your situation.. do this surround yourself with positive people.. the ones who help you through the hard times never expose your feelings to those who dont seem to care about them selves. always love yourself because you are truely special! and you are loved!!!! never think your not! keep your head up sweetie. your a very beautiful young lady! p.s i'm 24 and i have 2 beautiful children.. i have come a very long way and i still have hard times.. but there is light at the end of the tunnel. STAY POSITIVE!


Have you thought about joining a depression support group? You would be amazed how being around others who are dealing with the same condition you are, helps!

well yes im in one now, but sometimes when im at home, alone, the depression just gets to me and i feel like i cant fight anymore

I know exactly how you feel. Every day I want to give up, and ever night I wonder why I didn't.