I Just Really Need To Get This Out.

Its 4 am and I can't sleep for ****. Long story short...I was supposed to have graduated college this past summer. I didnt realize until the summer was over that I had essentially failed out with about 3 more classes to take. I panicked. They gave me another chance but I royally ****** it up by lagging and now idk if there i still a chance to earn my degree. I am honestly panicking. I want to cry, scream, run away; Essentially I just want out. I want to be dead but I'm honestly not at all going to do anything about that. I just want it to be over. I want to sleep through my 20's. I just want it to all be done. Idk what to do now and I feel like a failure or loser or what have you. This added to my already fairly unbearable diagnosed depression (that I can't even afford to treat) is making me feel that my life is worthless and success is just futile. Sigh. Thanks for listening.
wellokthen wellokthen
Feb 19, 2013