Friends ive had for a while... I dont wanna be friends w them anymore. I havent hung out with them all summer and they havent texted me but listen. I started to feel really left out when we would hangout in
Like june and i wasnt happy. So obviously why would i stay w that right? Im gonna make myself happy but one of the girls(the one i felt closest with) texts me like ahhh omg i miss u where have u been lets hangout. And its weird cause like i dont hate them i j dont want to be close w them anymore. Obviously im not just gonna randomly be like "i dont want to be friends anymore"... I mean if she asks "do u even wanna be friends anymore?" Then yea ill answer truthfully. But ugh shes saying lets hangout and its weird idk am i right or what do i do
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1 Response Aug 15, 2014

I would not forsake the girl you felt closest to, she sound sincere.