I get so scared sometimes. That im not going anywhere in life(thats way in the future) then things that are happening in a couple weeks scare me like school. I keep saying in my head im gonna make new friends in high school and party and go out(cause i dropped my previous friend grouo cause id always feel left out and weird when i hangout w them idk im still so conflicted about that ugh) but what if i dont. What if im just alone always. Im not really good at school. I have no passions or anything. I mean the inly class im taking next year is ap psychology which i hate the teacher and idk if ill be able to handle ap.. And idk what i wanna go to college for like i honestly have no clue. I get so scared what if i j end up living w my mom the rest of my life. I totally wish i could start my life over from day one but i cant. And idk im j flipping out rn :/
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Btw im 16 going into junior year which is the most important year basically