Other than the obvious things like food and shelter and oxygen, I think the only thing in life I can't do without is just one good person to talk to. I'm very fortunate at this moment in time to have at least three such people in my life who I can discuss just about anything with (my best friend and I have a clause where we draw the line at talking about poop...unless its a medical emergency; everything else is fair game). I feel so honoured and privileged to have these people in my life and I am so thankful. I never for one second want to let them feel unappreciated. I've been isolated before, with no-one to turn to and I know the Hell that it can be. That's kind ofwhy I make a pointof being available for anyone to talk to about anything. I have alot of casual friends and acquaintences who use me to confide in because I don't judge or make assumptions, I just listen and discuss because I know how essential that part of life is. If I have someone to talk to honestly and openly for the rest of my life I will consider myself a very lucky girly.

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too often, superficiality reigns in human interactions. that you have three friends so open and honest is a blessing. we should all have at least one such person in our lives. i thought i did, in the person of my wife. i was mistaken! lol!

You are pretty darn lucky.Unfortunately,I'm not.