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2day is a really hard day for me. 2day is the annivercsy of when we foumd out the my friend from middle school chose to take her life. i'm not dealing with it well at all. he jess was still here her and i'd talk just like we did all the times the annivercsy came up. but jess isn't here anymore. so i feel all alone in dealing with this. its just a really hard day and i feel all alone. really not doing well.
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3 Responses Mar 12, 2010

*hugs* you don't have to talk about it even though it's said that talking about it will help, that only causes more pain, believe me I know!! Do something in your friends honor/memory, like hae said, take a walk, etc. we'll all be here if you need to talk any day, any time =*C

you know youve got a lot of people to talk to on ep that love you. even if you dont want to talk about it, you know i will distract you :)

(((HUGS))) hey Aly, today is one of those days where its ok to feel whatever you want. Maybe try to do something that celebrates life and the friendship you had. Take a walk to the park or take some flowers there if you can.. Anything that makes you feel some closure on the day. <br />
<br />
I for one feel that closure can be in pieces and one should really find it each time they come to an anniversary such as this. Take care of yourself and you got friends here who have your back if you need it ok!