The One Good Thing I Found After Having Bad Sex

was when he held me and treated me like an angel even though inside my head i was screaming "let me out of here" it felt nice to have his warm hands stroke my arms. no ones ever done that, just been gentle and loving. sometimes i wish i had a guy to rap his arms around me as i sleep. i think that would be the cure to my bad dreams. to be held, just held with nothing to expect. just held, to feel someone elses pulse beneath my hands, to hear someone elses heart beat under my ear. to feel someones breath on my skin. its a drug just to think about. i wish someone could hold me tonight.
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2 Responses Jul 27, 2010

Wow! I never thought of it like that.Thanks!

I hope you do find someone to be with, its never fun to be lonely. Im a strong believer that there is someone for everyone and all people have something beautiful about them, so on that note I wish and hope you find that special someone, that we all need in our lives.