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my father has been always my bestfriend and the one i rely one all the time .but lately things have gone terrible we fight all the time ..he keeps yelling at me and that's the only time when he speaks .he talks with my sisters and joke with them and he acts like iam no longer there ..and right now im praying deeply to God that i receive a scholarship i applied to in another country so i will leave them and start my life there hurts me so bad because i love him so much but i thought of it so much and i don't think things can work out anymore stressed with alot of things i really wish i could leave and maybe he will feel better when im not truely there anymore ...but i will always love you dad even if you don't ....
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There are few things make you a good human being. The ability to take criticism and the ability to dissect the criticism.<br />
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Well, It is impossible for us to find the real problem. Anyway, first of all spend a day finding your wrongdoings and how they are affecting others. And then try to find the reasons. If you can't, take help of counselors. Correct them. See, whether the situation changes or not.

i have been trying what you said for almost a year and no progress is appearing in the picture .i know giving up is not the answer but i don't have any other choice

Obviously you have choices, many choices I may say. You just have to find the subtle one.
And I don't think you should abandon or get cold with your family. After they are your family. And take help from your friends to find out the reason your father is acting strange with you.

from where you stand you could say so .but im not the one who is acting cold .he is so cold to me he doesn't even say hi without yelling and from his point of view im always wrong and never get anything right i wanna run away he made me hate him and my entire family and abandon them all for his sake

:( . Feeling sorry for you. What about your sisters and mother ??

my mother can't believe how he acts and say that God will help me but she can't do anything right now and my sisters well they are too young and each of them mind her business they say im on my own i guess iam

:/ :/ :/ :S

it's okay no need to be sad i will manage and thanks for your advice darling :)

:) .
Welcome. You can share your sadness with us, EP members.
Anyway, I believe I can listen to people. If you want, I can listens yours too.:)

i know :) thanks so much :)

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