Blame It On Me .

Because our friendship was a mistake , everything we did seemed so wrong . At the wrong time . At the wrong place . With the wrong person .
Because our friendship started and grew very fast , it ended very soon .

But I couldn't blame it on you . Because it was not right .
It was my fault from the beginning for expecting too much from you . And all those thoughts were so silly and dumbest  .
And it left me with terrible scars - inside . Fell from the imagination that I created and hit the reality , are worse than I've ever imagined .
Thanks to you , because right now . I can keep my feet on the ground and tie myself from reaching above  the sky .

I've once loved you , my friend . And I guess it's the only thing that was not a mistake in our friendship .
Till things reconcile again , and nature take its course - take care .
Goodbye :)

chanceux chanceux
Dec 16, 2012