How ******* hard is it to fill a prescription? A prescription that contains just one pill matter of fact. ONE. *******. PILL.
I went to the doctor this morning and he called in a single pill that will help me get better. This was called in at 11:54. We got to the Kroger around 2 and it still wasn't there.
So my mom gets a call from Kroger at around 6 to say that they got the prescription and they'll call her when they fill it. That was an hour and a half ago. It is 7:30 now. This is ridiculous.
If I have to go another sleepless night because I feel sick and these idiots can't count to one then I'm going to be so ******* pissed. I want to punch something. This is so stupid. It's one pill. Not 5 month long prescriptions. Not even one prescription. One. Pill. And I'm going to lose my mind because this pill should end the misery I've had since Saturday that is getting progressively worse.
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What kind of pill? And what's a Kroger?

Lady stuff pill. A Kroger is a supermarket with a pharmacy

Texas has H-E-B. I guess Georgia has Kroger.

Same goes for Krogers

I guess so because I've never heard of a H-E-B

They're everywhere.

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I know how u feel world is full of *****