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So, I'm at work tonite, guest that is waiting on a table asked, what my favorite appetizer was, I of course tell him. Then he asked what was good, what my favorite entree was and if the conch fritters were any good. I answered all of these questions. He got rude when I honestly answered about the fritters, because I had never tried them. Then got rude because I recommended an appetizer that had pork in it, by telling me, " you must not like fish, because you only mentioned pork." so I mentioned that I do like Grouper, Snapper and Mahi,. He then replies" do you serve Amberjack, when I said no sir I;m sorry we don't, he said we sucked. Then when he asked what Pacific Rim fish is, I told him, and before I could finish he interrrupted and called it ****! Then he started asking about our bar drinks. I am always polite and calm and helpful, but this guy was a **** and really ******* me off! Next, he wanted to know why his table was taking so long, when you could clearly see, there was not an open seat in house, not even at the bar. and he had only been waiting 10 minutes, I quoted 30-45.
So, he tries to walk to tables that looked done or looked as if they were paying and tried to ask if they were leaving yet because he was hungry and was waiting on them to leave, That happened of course without my knowledge as I was handling other guests. when I caught him and asked to to either take a seat and please not rush other guests or he would be asked to leave, he called me a ***** in front of the whole restaurant, accused me of purposely not seating him and skipping his party, and then said our food and service was probably **** anyways, he would not back due to my lack of professionalism and the fact that no one should have to wait for service.
What a ****!
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Jeez some people. I'm sorry. It sucks to get yelled at when you're at your job especially when you've done nothing wrong.

oh of course. I'm used to people being douche bags, but tonite I was busy supervising the floor too, thank God too, that meant I could kick him out myself, and argue with him. By the way, it's wabbit season, not duck season!

You see and experience all kinds in the restaurant business. Unfortunately, this boor will probably put his behaviour on display somewhere else in the not-too-distant future.