And Have Said To You

Why won't you love me like I love you? Like you used to? The things you say contradict how you act...
True you may be busy, but I would bet ANYONE can spare a few minutes of their time, especially to show love to their love..
I understand that life is getting confusing and frustrating for you now, but please don't push me to the side. You say you don't know what you want right now, but KNOW that you still want me. And will always want me for the years to come. That doesn't reassure me when you've went from emailing me every 3 days to every other week. I ask for simple things, and have yet to see anything happen.. You tell me that what I say makes sense, and it's not too much to ask and that you're sorry, but yet you didn't fix anything. When people feel overwhelmed I usually see them turn to their lover for support, but you don't turn to me. You know I'm here for you. Sometimes you tell me that I won't understand, Well OF COURSE I won't if you don't even tell me. I wish too that we could live nearer each other and actually be able to spend time together, YOU KNOW how badly I want to put my arms around you and I think you feel the same, but I really don't know if we'll see that day if things continue as they are...

You HOPE things change, well damn, I sure HOPE they do too.
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I guess so =) *hugs*<br />
Heheh.. <br />
Haha, thank you. Not trick candles! Dx I hate those! Heh

You deserve more than you think. :] *hugsssss*<br />
Heh, I know, I know... hope. Bleh.<br />
I'd have sung you happy birthday had I been there, hehe. :P And let you have the trick candles.

Hehe.. Thank you.. but I don't deserve them all from you..<br />
All this hoping...<br />
Yeah.. I guess I would eventually.. =/<br />
College friends, meheh<br />
No one sang me happy birthday. No candles either. Just, some girft giving, supper, cake., tv...<br />
Hehe.. It's not you're place. But I appreciate it.<br />

I just want to give you so many hugs. =/ You deserve so much.<br />
I hope she will try and change for you, but if she doesn't you have to put your foot down and leave her. It might take you awhile to get over her, but you have to do it for yourself.<br />
I'm sure you'll meet new friends at college. :]]<br />
Hehe, i'd sing for you, but your ears would probably hurt. x]<br />
Okay, you don't have to do it. It's just an idea. :]

Hehe.. I tend to be. =) <br />
=( I don't think she did.. I was okay with that then though cause we talked a lot more often. I KNEW she cared.<br />
Well, if she see's that I simply cannot keep going like this, maybe she'll try to change things. Maybe..<br />
At least campus is a mile away and kinda small.<br />
I'd SO love that.. Nobody will sing for me! Dx<br />
*breath* I'll think about it...

Aww, that sounds very sweet. :] I wish she had did something similar in return.<br />
Yeah, I think that is the best thing to do at the moment. You need to get all of your thoughts down and let her know how you feel. Though I am not sure she would change how she is acting even if she knew since nothing changed before.<br />
Yeah, college can be pretty hectic, but not too hectic if you manage your time and studies well. :] You're sure to do fine.<br />
I am the same way. My boyfriend receives packages and handmade letters and cards at least 2 times a month. I like writing him poems, and yeah, even though I can't sing, I sing him songs. Haha. x]<br />
Yeah, it will hurt, but you can't say you didn't at least try. Then you can ask her why she's not picking up when you call.

Yeah. I had done something like that for her.. I had just gotten a tablet and first thing I did was write her a letter and draw a little picture. She loved it, called my handwriting beautiful. xD My handwriting is terrible! That was before all this stuff though. Suppose I could write her one now and just put everything down and send it to her, and try not to think of her til she replies. <br />
Well, I think things would be better if we could really be with each other. I'm not sure.. Probably til I graduate college. I'll be hecka busy in college anyway.<br />
I'm a very passionate lover.. I love to do little anythings to show I care. <br />
Can't hurt? If she doesn't answer it will hurt somewhat. Even knowing she probably won't.

Mailing takes a while, but it is worth it. I like getting handwritten letters, because it makes it so much more personal. And you know they took the time out of their day to write it and think of what to say.<br />
Do you really want to wait for her? How long are you willing to wait?<br />
=/ I don't think she deserves you. I'm sure you could find someone who is willing to give you their time and effort. You sound like you adore her, but she sounds like she could really care less about you. You should try calling again, even if she might not pick up. It can't hurt to try. =]

Is that easier than emailing? I've TOLD her that (along with other things she could do) write me a letter and email it to me. She just said "Those a good ideas", Yeah they're good IDEAS, make em great REALITIES!<br />
That's how I've felt. I've told her that I can wait for her..<br />
Yeah..<br />
And I FREAKING LOVE her voice! It's like slightly nasal or something and it's ANGELIC to me.. Thinking of it now makes me smile... *sigh*

Do you guys send anything through the mail, like letters? Maybe she could do that.<br />
The way it seems is that she doesn't really care about your relationship anymore. She may care for you still, but I don't think she's ready for a relationship that is long distance. <br />
I can totally understand why you act like that when you finally talk to her, it is only natural for you to feel that way. She doesn't show you that she cares, and you are rightfully hurt. So, it is only reasonable for you to lash at her sometimes.<br />
=/ That is so crazy.I can't believe you haven't talked over the phone in that long.

Yeah, it had just been a while and I was getting doubtful. It doesn't help at all that all this time apart gets me frustrated and when we finally talk I don't really feel like talking. Freaking catch-22... Cause it makes me think "FINALLY you reply!" I don't explode on her, and I try to be nice, but I'm probably not all too pleasant to talk to then... <br />
I had told her, because she was so busy, that I can stand a week without her. As long as she does something to show she cares in between..She doesn't, and I can't.<br />
Umm.. I did ask her that but it was so long ago I don't remember... Our last phone conversation was.. May 4th. I think that was year 2009. =/ <br />
Whenever she decides to reply me..

She <i>SHOULD</i> have talked to you on your birthday, which any good girl/boyfriend should do. And yeah, I think if she really wanted you two to be together, she'd put more effort into your relationship. She could at least try and email every other day. At least call and say hi and love you, even if that is all she could say.<br />
Do you know why she hasn't answered your last 3 calls? Because, maybe she's giving you a sign that she doesn't want to be with you. You need to talk with her about it all.

She says she wants us. Me. But it doesn't show. Maybe it can't, but I don't understand how that''d be possible.. It's been 12 days.. She normally only replys on the weekends, so it'll probably be this coming weekend =/ Birthday present too. I think I may have made her mad because I wasn't in too good a mood my birthday and my goodbye was,, uhh.. can't remember, but it was something like "Okay, goodnight" I probably should have been happier, she DID talk to me on my birthday. <br />
Every 3 days was normal for us. I'd LOVE to talk to her every day. I can. Cause she emails my phone. I think her parents regulate her internet usage. I wish she would plead with them to get texting at least. We use to call each other. But it would be after 9 and she didn't answer my last 3, so I gave up =/ . So many things obviously wrong. But Idk what more to do...

Hope can only do so much. You can't want something for someone else. I think an email every 3 days is just ridiculous in a long distance relationship. You should talk almost every day to keep up your connection.

*hugs back* Thank you..<br />
<br />
I'm not mad at either of you, I appreciate what you both say, but I'm not sure how much -hope- is helping...

*hugs* I hope you get everything you want, but more importantly, everything you deserve.


=/ I'm sorry you're relationship isn't going well, hope it all works out for you =]