First Day Of Lpn Program

So last night, we got home late and I walk into the office to get my things ready for my first day of school. There on the desk is the remainder of his roll paper to make a blunt. Before I could just smell it on him, but now you're comfortable enough to have this crap in the house around my kids? NO SIR. So I confront him and he has the deer caught in the headlights look. So I pull out a blanket and curl up downstairs in front the tv. No need to torture myself the night before my first day of class. Class was awesome. I get out of class for the day, ready to go home and study and I get this text message asking me to pick up the kids. He's gonna be home late from work. ????Really? Ok, no prob! I got this, I love my babies. I get to the daycare and they are still having nap time so I go to the Checkers and put in a good hour of study time. Go to pick up the kids and the carrier has a flat tire. How am I supposed to bike them home with a flat tire? I call him to try to get some help- of course that conversation doesn't end up well. So I do what I have to do and bike them flat tire and all to the nearest tire place and ask them to inflate the bike trailor. I get the kids home, start dinner, do their homework with them and plan to start studying at 6. Get on the computer and I find he has activated a new email address ("dlove"). I should just buckle down and make my exit strategy for Dec 12th. I should stop expecting him to change. I need to suck it up, get over the fact that he's a cheater, finish my LPN and get over him.
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Congrats to you hun. he does'nt deserve you. You are a wonderful person.

Oops long day at work sorry for all the misspelling

First off congrats on getting the scholarship! That is awesome and give wiggle room to finance finishing your program. Second of all- a bike? I hope everything is close by poor you but a plus to this, you have definitely end up with scorching hot buns of steel in time. And as for the jerk, speaking from experience, if he is heading that way, it probably is a matter if time. But don't let it affect you and your studies. And just keep in mind that there is nothing wrong if you end up changing your mind later on. But your LPN us just an reassurance that you will have options. I am so proud of you for already starting. I am just finally sending my application in to start online prerequisite courses. Wish me luck that I am not too late! Have a great day and thnks for posting and keeping me motivated to head in that direction.