Airing Out The Laundry

If I'm going to pretend like he doesn't phase me when he gets here, then I have to pause from studying and get it out now. This dude...sigh. There is nothing new I can say. I have an exam tomorrow and he's supposed to be here to watch the kids and he isn't. I'm trying to manage and have great grades so far, but...I just don't understand why it takes two hours to come home when your job is 15 minutes away. I don't understand how you can say you will be there for your kids (bump being there for me), and you don't. Oh, to knock this out and get my A tomorrow.
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3 Responses Jan 15, 2013

I remember being in that exact same spot with my ex husband. Eventually I got where I didn't care if he even came home and actually hoped he wouldn't. It's hard when you depend on someone else for something and don't get it. At least now I know I can only count on myself. I will be studying for the CPA exam later this year. Perhaps you and I will be celebrating together!

Good luck with the exam, I look forward to the post you make in a couple of weeks where you say, ' I owned that exam!'.

I did! Made an 85 on it! Not where I wanteed it to be, but my instructor said that it was great. My goal is not to fail any which has never been done.

85 is fantastic! You will do great... you are doing great :)

You can do it. Dont' let him mess up this good thing in your life. get it all out whenever you can and realize when you get to the point of finishing you will look back on all your vents, confessions, stories, and posts and realize you did it! Study hard and get that grade.