I Don.t No What To Do

I.ve been in a relationship for 6 year.s and been engaged for 4 of them. It all started going wrong 3 year.s ago when i had 2 move house. He wanted me 2 move in with his parents but i couldn't do that because he doesn't get on with his parents all the time, so i wasn.t prepared 2 move in there. The reason he doesn't get on with his parents is because they want his brother to be apart of his life but he don.t want that because they all fell out but his parents have made up now. The trouble is now my partner has turned nasty and he can.t trust no1 because his parents do things behind his back. So i don.t no what 2 do i love him loads but i can.t carry on like this. What shall i do!!
herford herford
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Has any1 got any idea.s of what 2 do. I think my partner May have depression now. What can i do 2help him. Please help.