Don't Know

I need... but what? I need a shoulder to cry on, a person to love, hold, touch. I need a better way of life, higher quality. I need my health, physical and mental. I need someone to listen, to understand, to console, to just be there at the end of my day. I need sex, the act, the touch, the love. I need to get out more, to live a little, to not care so much. I need more people in my world, to share and care, about me. I need to make it, one more day. I need to live... I need to find me, myself and I, to love. I need to be... me.
mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
36-40, F
7 Responses Jul 3, 2007

it's difficult to find a person that u think he's the last one...

It's like you've read my mind MSP, I understand just what you mean!

A hard lesson in deed.

Learning to become comfortable in your own skin is one of lifes hardest and most rewarding lessons.

Well, as GI Joe said, knowing is half the know what you want/need, you just need to figure out how to get it.

...still looking for the last one

All you need is the last one. The rest will follow.