Why is it so hard to find positive people in today's world? It's almost like you have to hate everything in your life to be considered cool: your body, your hair, your spouse, your job. It's trendy to diss everything you probably worked your *** off for in the first place. I can't hang out with my close friends anymore, they have nothing nice to say about anything in their lives and I wonder sometimes how they'd feel if everything they had was taken away.

They'd probably still complain.
BlackEyedBean BlackEyedBean
41-45, F
1 Response Aug 31, 2014

I find most of my friends quite positive about things and we learn to laugh off the bad things. Laughter is a very good medicine.

Guvna2106 - I applaud you for surrounding yourself with positive people. We too used to laugh at the things that hurt us. Unfortunately, after a while, that was ALL we did.

Hmmm. Sounds like there's a lot more to it... Widen your net of friends and surely you will fall into more positive company.