I was in the car on a six hour drive. The first hour I drank six bottles of water and stopped at a gas station to get a big gulp. In the second hour I had to pee very badly and I stopped at a seven eleven to throw away all of my bottles but apparently the bathrooms were closed. So I threw away all the bottles but not my coffee cup.the third hour I was very very desperate there was like no bathroom around. I Unbuttoned my super skinny jeans and slid them off there was a very visible bulge. I wedged my hand in between my legs and squeezed super hard. By the fifth hour I was literally crying I saw my coffee cup and thought maybe if I let a little out then it would feel a little better. I carefully picked my penis up and slid it into the cup I peed but the cup quickly filled up. That made me have to go worse.. One hour left I thought I can make it. When I arrived at my girlfriends house I stepped out of the car and my bladder spas embed I bent over and knocked on the door. She answered nd laughed at me age ran to to the bathroom and locked it. She walked over to me and striped herself and myself. She said once we have sex you may pee I reluctantly agreed. She threw me on the ground and I started to pee she squeezed his penis closed. She humped me and slid my penis into her vajayjay I yelped as she made my full bladder thrust. My penis suddenly went erect in her vagina it was stuck. I had to go so bad and she started to massage my bladder. I let it all go inside her vagina she screamed at me and said now she had to pee. We sat on the crunch and she told me to just pull my penis out. It was stuck. After fifteen minutes I felt my penis start to in erect . My girlfriend spurted a little and my penis went straight back erect. She cried and let loose all of her pee into my penis. Now I had to go super bad I yanked my penis out and peed all over everything.
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