Fun Day

One day, I decided to have a little ... Fun..

I woke up with an urge to pee but I wanted to see how long I could hold it. I went on with my normal day. Showered, ate, brushed my teeth. I put on my tight pink t-shirt and really tight faded blue jeans. I drank about 3 bottles of water and still managed to hold it all in. I then decided to take a walk. I went to the park and started walking around when I became more desperate. Not so desperate where I had to hold myself ... But desperate.

I walked around for about another hour when things started getting fun. ;)

As I was walking I felt a little trickle go into my black laced thong. I decided to head back home so I didn't have to embarrass myself in from of tons of people. Bad choice. Each step I made was worse. I sat down on the bench next to this girl. I started holding myself tight when I felt a spurt. I could feel it go on my hand and I looked at my crotch and there was only a little wet spot. The pressure on my bladder was unbearable! The girl next to me seemed a bit desperate too and asked if I was okay. I said, "Yeah, I just haven't used the bathroom for quite awhile." She said the same. I heard a hissing sound and it wasn't me so I looked at her and she had peed her pants. She looked at me and apologized but she seemed pleased. I felt another spurt and controlled it. The girl next to me then started rubbing my stomach and said, "There's nothing to be embarrassed about, I'm here for you" she then moved her hand lower and started massaging my v*agina. I have to say, this made me quite horny. I felt another spurt and pushed on my clot harder to stop the pee. The girl started massaging harder and I held as tight as I could when she moved closer and sat on me and started grinding me. I felt a few more spurts and lost control. And she then peed more on me and I continued peeing on her crotch for about 5 minutes. And our tight jeans were all wet and my thong was also soaked and it felt amazing. She then started rubbing me harder and kissing me and I started rubbing her and to this day we're dating.
Hdjkalkj Hdjkalkj
Feb 9, 2013