Ok, I Did It Again!

So, i was sitting in my room, watching TV, and i got the feeling in my Tighty Whities, that i had just let out a little bit of pee. They were kind of wet in the crotch, but over all, they were mostly dry. They were about a size too big for me, so there was alot of cloth to make wet with yellow pee here. I was sitting there, watching Queer as Folk, and enjoying the feeling of being slightly wet, and Hard because of the Sexi Guys in the show, I decided to Let Loose a tide of Yellow Pee into my KC Tighty Whities. It felt sooooo good, it was a bright Yellow Pee too, so it made a nice yellow Wet Spot in the Underwear. I sat there, playing with my self while i was Peeing in my Pants too. I was wearing Blue Jeans over the KC Tighty Whities, and i love to pee in my pants while i'm wearing Tight Blue Jeans, it feels so good. There was a gigantic Wet Spot in the Front, and on the rear of my Pants when i got up to go change, after i came in my Pee Soaked Tighty Whities, and it felt great..!

PantsPooper09 PantsPooper09
26-30, M
1 Response Mar 7, 2010

is there something important to you about it being yellow?