Ok today i when i was at work i had to pee so bad.I woke up late so i go up and got dressed and ran to my car. When I got to work i had a small urge to pee.A hour later i had to pee much more. Then A hour later i was squirming in my seat and crossing my legs. I tried to just work and it would go away,but when i did that a squirt of pee came out.I ran to the bathroom but it was locked.So i ran back to my seat. When work was almost over i was squirming like a squid. When work was over i packed up my stuff,and walked out, but i was peeing at little. When I got in my car I was jumping in my seat. But that is when I got a call saying that I had to come back to work i said what tha **** is that about. I turned around and was peeing until I got there. There was a giant wet spot on my skirt so i use my jacket to hide it. When I got there they said I had to stay for 4 more hours. I said ok but i was peeing the inter time. By the time it was time to leave.I had to pee so bad I ran to my car still peeing myself. When i was in my car I peed in it a bunch. When I was home I peed trying to get in my home. When i got in the home, i ran to the bathroom i peed in my skirt when i was right next to the loo.
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2 Responses Nov 8, 2011

how wet where u

I wish I was there