I Totally Just Peed My Pants!!!

Ok, so I was walking home from the post office, which is about half a mile from my house. Now, even for a little town, there were houses all around me, and alot of the lights in them were still on. I didnt want to risk peeing in the bushes, cause so many cars were passing, not to mention i had that urge just to go, and i didnt care if it was in my pants or not. So on i walked, letting that feeling of pressure build to a paramount, and just as i got to the turn-off to start walking down my road, a big stream of cars came by, and simultaniously, i couldn't hold it anymore, and i started to pee my pants. I was wearing Baggy-Blue-Jeans, and White Calvin Klein Boxer-Briefs, so Pee went everywhere in the front of my pants. As I stood there and relieved myself in my pants, a couple cars honked as they went by. One guy even pulled over. He was a middle aged guy, kind of cute. "Are you ok man, need any help?" "No" I told him, as i turned to walk away. He pulled off, and i was still peeing in my pants. I had been waiting all day, which was very hard. I squated on the ground,, so the pee stream would go down the back of my pants too, and it felt sooooo good! I put my hand down my pants, and moved my **** around in my White Boxer Briefs, the better to spread the last bit of pee in my pants around more, and let the pee river end, running down my leggs, and the back of my pants all over the ground. It felt soooo good, omg!  I unzipped my Blue-Jeans right there, and let my pants don a little to inspect the damage, and another car passed, and honked. My White CK Boxer Briefs were still soaked when I got home. I jerked off right before i got there, and came in my wet White Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs, and it was an awsome feeling...

PantsPooper09 PantsPooper09
26-30, M
Feb 16, 2010