Peeing In The Car

hi people! i had the most embarassing moment the other day that i would like to share: i peed my pants in the car...
so last summer i was going on a road trip with my friends, and my boyfriend, to disneyland. it was going to be a five day long trip, we had made resevations at hotels along the way so that we could drive all day then stop for the night.
on the third day of driving, we ran out of gas- my dumb friend didnt even notice we were low until the car stopped- and it slowed us down a lot. unfortunetly for us, the hotel we were staying at that night had a policy where you had to be checked in by a certain time, and if you were not you lost your reservation AND didnt even get a refund. so my friend who was driving was practically speeding trying to get to the hotel on time.
well, while we had been sitting on the shoulder of the freeway waiting for gas, it had gotten really hot and i had drank like two cans of soda and my entire water bottle. while we were waiting a few of my friends had walked to a rest stop to use the bathroom, but i hadnt needed to go so i had stayed.
BIG mistake, since now i was desperate to pee and we were still an hour and a half from the hotel. i leaned forward and tapped my driving friend on the shoulder, "hey can we find a rest stop or gas station?" i asked. i expected her to say sure, but instead she snapped "are you kidding me lauren? do you know how much money it cost to reserve this hotel?"
i leaned back, trying to play cool but i really had to pee! the worst thing was, my boyfriend was sitting next to me so i couldnt just shove my hand in my crotch!
well, we drove a couple more miles and my need got worse. i leaned forward again and quietly asked my friend to at least pull over to the side of the road so i could squat, quietly as to not make a sene and so my boyfriend wouldnt notice, but she just told me the same thing as before.
i groaned and quietly leaned forward at the waist and discreetly squeezed my hand between my legs. dispite this, a little bit of pee leaked out but luckily i cut it off.
then suddenly, we started driving over a stretch of road desperatly in need of a paving. startled, a steady stream of pee flowed out. i shoved both hands up my croth and stopped it. i peered down and to my horror saw a small wet patch on my short light denim shorts.
my bladder was too full, and i knew i couldnt hold it in anymore. i used every ounce of strength i had to sqeeze my bladder, but it was too late. the car hit a pot hole in the road and bounced, and everything came out. my pee burst out of me, immediatly filling my short shorts. it hit the car floor and made this loud ssss sound, and everyone looked over in a mixture of shock amazment and disgust.
i kept peeing, with everyone watching:( i must have peed for three minutes.
luckily for me, my boyfriend didnt judge me after, although my friend was sooo mad.
i unfortunetly pee myself a lot, im not the best at holding it, so i will probably be writing more pee stories. hope you enjoyed it!
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I like your story, and i like to desperation

Oh yeah more of these please!

I nearly did last year! I had a bladder infection, my dad was driving me home from University vacation and I just had to go. He stopped the car and for the first time in my life (unless when I was very small and I have forgotten it) I had to pee outside, behind a bush. Although I am a nudist, I don't think it is acceptable to pee outside, but I had no choice unless I made a mess in the car. My dad understood.

I did something similar. I was on a long road trip and had drank a few litres of water as it was so hot that day. After a while I really needed to pee but there was no places to stop. I kept holding it until I knew I couldn't hold it any longer. Then I got one of the empty bottles which was 2 litres and started peeing in it. It took 5 minutes to fill it but I still had to go. I used another 2 liter bottle and sure enough I had filled it within 5 minutes. I had all ready had a full stream at 10 minutes long but I still had to pee. I got a carrier bag and started peeing in that but soon it over flowed. I then had to go on the seat. After 20 more minutes I felt the pee stream lessen slightly and by this time we had got to a shop but there were no toilets. I tried to stop the stream but could so peed more on the side of the road and my friend went in and brought a pack of 20 adult diapers. I put one on a carried on peeing but it leaked. After using 15 of them my stream lesser even more to a trickle. We had to leave then so I put on a another diperdrug and still peed. I had peed for 1 hour non stop. I sat back in the car and finished off. All in all, my pee last 1 hour 20 minutes. I had gone through 20 adult diapers, 4 litre bottles, peed on the side of the road and a car seat.

i wish i could have been there to help you clean up ;)

Oh yes I love peeing in the car too.

U can pee in my car;)


I love reading pee stories when I need one then peeing

I loved that u peed urself.

Would love to hear more stories from you...


Wow I would had like to had seen that

Its cool when you have people who understand. I have peed in the car several times too. One was with a boyfriend at the time. He was mean and wouldnt ever stop when I had to pee. Finally, one time I really had to go,a nd after being denied 2 times to stop, I just peed in his car seat. I as mad at him so it felt really good just to let it go in my seat, the relief and the wet naughty feeling. I had a skirt on, so i just lifted the skirt enough to keep t dry, and peed!! He didnt find out til the next day. He was oo mad and broke up with me, but I let him have it!1 I told him hes a jerk for never stopping when I have to pee. Good riddence.

I have done it a few more times, but never for spite like this. I usually "spill" my cup or can of soda or water on me and blame it on that. :) Usuallu it is enpty, but everyone thinks its the water or soda that made the seat wet.

Aww. U can pee in my car anytime.:)

Served him right..LOL I'm a guy and I also have peed in the car,usually from drinking coffee and not being able to make the reststop on long trips..I always carry a change of jeans & underwear,just in case..ALtho I must admit that between the warmth & the relief of pressure,it feels rather nice when it happens.. I always keep garbage bags in the car to sit on,just in case..
However, if I had a passenger in the car,I would make the supreme effort to find a place to pullover for them if they had to go,,Or at least offer them a garbage bag to sit on..LOL

aww how does it feel whehn that happens?

I definitely enjoyed reading that. Would have liked to have been there when it happened.

If my "friend" told me she wouldn't pull over, I would have pissed on her seat right then and there just to spite her!

What id give to be your boyfriend!! Lol!

If i were your boyfriend i would be turned on by you peeing!

Thanks for sharing this. Let me share mine with you in return. Several years ago, the office I work for used to close up one Friday in May and we would all go to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to watch practice. May in Indy is bad for sudden storms and one creeped up on us one afternoon when we were there. I had had several sodas to keep my fluids up. I just got to the car when it began to pour down rain. Now I knew I had to go to the bathroom, but to do so meant getting out of the line of cars I was in and walking through the rain to a restroom. Now I don't mind getting all wet at all. As a matter of fact I enjoy it, but the winds had picked up and dust and trash was blowing everywhere so I stayed in the car. I didn't live that far from the track so I figured I could make it home. However I didn't figure on the thousands of other people in cars all trying to leave at the same time. I eventually got out of the Speedway and onto the streets but didn't make much more progress. I barely moved a few blocks in a half hour. I came to the realization that I simply wasn't going to make it. I was holding back so hard that it was starting to hurt. I got everything out of my pockets, especially my wallet and put it all on the passenger seat Then I took a deep breath and relaxed. It felt so good to let go, almost like sex! I just wouldn't stop! I started laughing at myself and sort of wiggling my butt in the puddle underneath it. I kind of enjoyed it. When I finally stopped going, I had completely soaked my underwear and shorts and soaked the bottom of my shirt that was hanging down below my waist. The seat was drenched with it and later took hours of scrubbing to get the smell out. However at that time I didn't care. I was just so glad to not have that struggle anymore. Traffic still didn't move much and before I got home, I had to go again. What was the use of holding back? That time I didn't even hesitate and let it go. Going on purpose felt even better than giving up earlier.

Ever since, I've wet myself a lot on purpose, but only in controlled situations, not in public.

hi, Ive done that before I was in a trajjic jam needed to **** before, sooo despirate I couldn't hold it so got some of mm cousions diapers and pissed on the went everwhere still, these lorry drivers were staring at felt so good that why I keep doingit...a habit message me for a pee challenge

so embarassing!.......i peed in my car by mistake, the car did not start and i was waitng forever for my friend to come back and I really had to go i couldn't hold it in so i just went..i thought i could hold it in but i REALLy couldnt!

Ive peed myself in the car too, did you just give up and let go

Id love to see one of your 'accidents'

XD love it

i pee myself a lot too so i will read your stories

Like I totally luv the story. Let me share one

So I was at the mall with a few friends and I already had to pee quite bad cuz I drank loads of coffee n juice before I came out. But there was no way I was going to miss te sale n so I juz held it in. On the way I met a guy I liked n he was like "hey gals why dun we hang out" n cuz he was so handsome all of us were like of course. In the mall I really had to pee so bad but in front of my fren n dat dreamy hunk. There was no way I was gg to show my desperation so I juz smiled awkwardly as my frens swirled around him. At last I could not hold it in anymore and I just stuck my hand in my crotch and doubled over as a wave of desperation caught me. My breath was ragged as I strained to keep up. My legs unconsciously crossed to shut my pee hole. I was wearing tights and it pressed on my heavy bladder which made it a whole lot worse... Finally I got my frens to excuse me a i held on and walked to the bathroom in small quick steps while crossing my legs. The bathroom had a rilly long line and I was squirming and bouncing as I waited in line. Finally I could not take it anymore and let in all out in my pants. One young woman who seemed desperate too heard my long shhhhhhhhhhh sound and went "ohhhhh I can't hold it anymore "and she did the same as me

Love to watch that

Did you show your boyfriend your undies?

I love it!!!!! I wish I could've seen you pee yourself

It sucks that it happen to you but, it was a hot story.

I know the feeling ! You want to try a road trip over here -- road maintenance sucks ! But at least you can blame the potholes for any 'accidents'

Ha ha

I wish I was there to see the show !

Yeah I agree with you add me