Last Night

Last night I was desperate for a poop, but didn't want to use the toilet. I sat squirming in my seat for 30 minutes, debating what to do. Then I got the familiar nausea associated with diarrhea, so I got up and rushed to the toilet, as I did not want that kind of mess in my pants. I locked the door, and tried to pull down my pants, but my belt was stuck, and while trying to get it off, I pushed on my stomach and forced a fart out. That fart wasn't a fart, it was a shart. Thankfully, it was not diarrhea, and the feeling of the warm poop, along with the inevitable pee, was nice. I had a bath before anyone noticed.

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2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

I think that was very hot

It happened to me so many times too & it felt warm & soft in my diaper/pants! At times it felt wonderful like nothing else!