On Night Patrol

Well, to night, was quiet, as for this week-end, very, very busy.  The town had three house fires, and a suspected murder case.  And the roof of my house from here, about three miles away had collapsed!  Well, tonight was extremely quiet, except for one car driving with no lights.. Let him go, coal miner, hadn't noticed, and th cop I was riding with let him go, he doesn't give tickets if they didn't know that there tail lights are out.  The chief, and I work together here in this small town of about 400 people. Well, i was hoping to make it home before, I pooped in my pants and as i was returning home, and had stepped out of the car, it had happened, i **** in my pants, and now I am deciding on how long t keep sitting in it, or should I go change, and these are new jeans, just got them yesterday, sorry you all , for got to put my briefs on, was in a hurry to go on patrol.  Well, I am still debating on what to do?  Hummmmmmmmmm.?

pepsiboy pepsiboy
46-50, M
5 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Was it diarrhea?

I will sleep in my jeans, an I have wet myself to keep it moist

when you save it for the morning, what do you do? Won't the poop get hard or stale? Where would you put it? Would you sleep in the jeans? Just curious.

thanks for asking, yeah, jeans are safe, and so is the poop, I am still thinking in what to do, save it till morning or go change, into clearer clothes?

Was it a very big **** in your jeans? A mushy warm one or a runny one? I don't like diarrhea or runny poops at all in my diaper/pants. Too bad you forgot your briefs, that's a real drag & did your jeans get saved? Great story otherwise