Nipple Clamp Repair

So last night, I'm feeling a bit horny, but the wife doesn't pick up on the subtle and not so subtle clues that I'm dropping all day.

By the time evening rolls around, we have one kid out on a date, and another in their room next door writing a term paper. Damn.

So my wife says, "Maybe I'll go to bed". Quickly I agree, "OK", and she says, "You're certainly agreeable." I figure she's got the message. But maybe not.

So about five minutes later I walk to the master bedroom and begin fishing in the bed stand drawer for our toys...lube...condoms...leather things, and I come across what feels like beads... but they squirm away from my fingers in the dark. I  fish around after them, and find the fur covered wrist-cuffs she got me for Valentine's Day, (but was surprised when I turned the tables on her and cuffed her to the headboard!)  I pull them out, release and open both sides, and  then fasten one to the headboard between our pillows.  A little fluffing, and its somewhat hidden by the pillows until needed.

I turn back to the drawer, wondering what I had felt.  Then I realize it must be the nipple clamps.

Some years ago, I bought these weighted clamps for her, and thought they would be too intense for her, but instead, she loved them!  But she's got to be really, really aroused to enjoy them.  In fact, in almost every time we've used them, she's been on top, and has asked for them.  I've always been willing to apply them.  I love how they look and swing on her 38D breasts.  I'm not into nipple play on me, but understand it can be a turn-on for some. It works for her!

The clamps are covered in a thick plastic to shield the teeth, and the heavy weights are covered by a black plastic or rubber coating. The amount of pressure adjusted by a thumbscrew that limits just how far they will compress. The weights are connected to the clamps by three clear aqua beads that make them look festive. And the metal of the clips have a bright blue patina but after several months of being handled by sweaty, lubed up fingers, this coating is beginning to wash off or flake away.

But tonight my heart sinks, cause I discover one of the weights has separated from the beads and is laying in the bottom of the drawer, unusable.  Who  would want just one weighted clamp and one unweighted?!  My mind immediately supplies an answer of where a single clamp could be fastened.

I get both the clamps out and walk out to the dinning room table where the light is good. After retrieving my reading glasses, wire cutters, needle nose pliers and some wire stock, I set to work. The clamps and weights had been joined by a mono-filament that has snapped or come untied just at the weight. Apparently they had not hot-glued the knot when they were made. (Design flaw?)

After cutting a five inch length, doubled it, and I threaded it through the beads, as my wife walked up to see what I was doing. I held up the separated weight and simply commented, "It looks like it broke off." (I don't know who or how, but I have no suspicions. Still, I wonder if she had dug them out for a solo session? I wouldn't put it past her!)

I double threaded the thin wire through the beads, wound it twice around the rings on both ends and then wrapped the wire around itself, taking up the slack. Cutting the wire off, I burred the sharp edge so it wouldn't scratch and then, I held them both up to inspect. Same length, same swing, same impact. Ready for action!

I turned to the wife. "Want to try them out,"  I asked half  in jest?

"Gee, you don't believe in any foreplay, do you," she scornfully replied, and she turned to stalk off toward the master bedroom. Same attitude all day long!

I put the tools away, gathered up the clamps and followed quickly into the bedroom, locking the door behind me.  Boy, was she in for it tonight!
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2 Responses May 13, 2012

yeah! gotta straighten out that tude of hers. haha

May I suggest: have her on the bed on all fours wearing the clips on her nips so the weights swing as you spank her...

nice way of writing ...keep it coming :)

I am a bit surprised that no one asked what the use for a single nipple clamp and weight might have been... Or are we all on the same page here? Hmmmm?